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The Fascinating World of Classic Vintage Cars: Lopresto Collection

Corrado Lopresto is a famous preserver of Italian history through his contribution to the motoring world. Formally trained as an architect, he has a passion for Italian design that becomes obvious as we look at pictures of cars from his collection.

He started when he was only 18, with a Fiat Balilla Lussa. He has since cultivated exclusivity in his collection by seeking out one-off models, prototypes and chassis no. 1 models. These first iterations of various designs showcase their makers’ unfiltered, extraordinary talent.

The Lopresto collection prides itself in the attention to detail put into the restoration process of pieces that require it. First, evidence that can attest to the original aspect of the car is called for. In one particular instance, special software was used to infer the colour of the body of a car from a black-and-white photograph. The carpet of another machine was remade and dyed by hand.

However, according to the Lopresto philosophy, a well-preserved car is always preferred to a perfectly restored one. The collection is a safe haven for characters that can remain intact even though they belong to a different age.

You are also likely to find Corrado Lopresto along with some pieces of his collection at various concours d’elegance such as Villa d’Este or Pebble Beach, where he has won over 200 awards. These events bring together people who share their passion for automobiles and they provide opportunities for the Lopresto collection to grow. Some owners looking to sell seek out the Lopresto collection as they trust their cars would be in great hands.

We at CUFLBS also sought out Corrado Lopresto to take us on a journey through time, Italian history and design as he told us his collection’s story during a presentation at St John’s College.

Smaranda Dinu Sponsorship Director

Cambridge University Fashion & Luxury Business Society

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